I Ching, a designer heated towel rail by Tubes

I Ching is a designer heated towel rail which stands out for its minimalism and pure shape; it can be installed stand-alone or in multiple compositions, horizontally or vertically, leaving plenty of scope for the interior designer’s creativity. I Ching can give rise to several composition solutions owing to the variety of dimensions available and the multiple coloured and galvanic finishes which allow it to be combined with the other elements in the bathroom.

Resulting from complex technological research and painstaking care for details, this elegant heating module is free from any visible joints. It is ideal for embellishing the wall of a living room, exactly like a picture, and it is equally attractive for a bathroom setting.

I Ching was designed with a recessed part to ensure stability and safety of the elements on the wall and is available in the low voltage electric version (24 Volts). This particular characteristic means it can also be installed in damp environments such as inside a SPA, in a wall surrounding a bathtub or for instance in a walk-in shower.

I Ching is presented through the concept of change: the idea that a handful of essential elements can be the basis for the creation of a great variety of combinations. According to this principle, repetition is a form of change. In keeping with this vision, a series of eight symbolic scenarios, inspired by the elements of nature in Chinese culture, are illustrated in sequence, generating an abstract, unreal and dreamlike dimension: Sky (Chien), Wind (Sun), Water (Kan), Mountain (Ken), Earth (Kun), Thunder (Chen), Fire (Li), Lake (Tui).



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